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Search Engine Optimization

“SEO must be considered in developing every site, it's traffic that you do not have to pay for.”

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the process of affecting the visibility of a website or a web page in a search engine’s unpaid results.

SEO is often referred to as “natural,” “organic,” or “earned” results. In general, the age of your URL or Uniform Resource Locator, and the frequency of traffic to your website, over time will give higher ranking through the search engines naturally. Unfortunately it takes a very long time to see any results.

Thankfully, the earlier or higher ranked your website is on the search results list, and the more frequently your site appears on the front page of the Search Engine Results Page or SERP, the more visitors it will receive from the search engine’s users resulting in more sales and profit for your company.

As a full-service online marketing company 2J2M offers professional SEO services to get your business to the top of the front page using only trusted, forward thinking white-hat SEO techniques, such as:

• SEO Consulting and Competitor Evaluation
• Keyword and Audience research
• Quality Content Copy Writing
• Link Building – Back, Deep and Reciprocating including Link Bait creation
• Article and Directory Submissions
• Google Analytics for data tracking trends, traffic and more


At 2J2M we commit ourselves to accountability in all of our work. Our goal is to Grow Your Business through the power of the Internet. Studies show that 91% of traffic will never go beyond the first page of search engine results. Statistically the second page gets only 4.8% and users barely ever search beyond that. If your business is not on the front page you are missing out on valuable leads.

As a provider of Internet marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services to our clients, we constantly strive to achieve higher rankings, improved traffic and conversions, and positive return on investment for our clients’ websites through complete transparency and reporting.

Tips for Optimizing

  1. Understand your Online Market and Target Customer
  2. Master Keyword Research
  3. Your website should have a set and defined plan
  4. Continually Blog and Produce Content
  5. Do some SEO PR
  6. Understand Google Analytics
  7. Read SEO Blogs
  8. Ask questions

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