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Our designers and developers start with one thing, you.
Your online presence is a critical aspect of how your users and customers view your company.  We, at 2J2M take great pride in developing or re-developing sites that will make your company stand out from the competition.  We offer our services to companies both small and large and will deliver what is promised on time and within budget.  It all begins with two important components:


Design is a lifestyle at 2J2M. It goes much deeper than pushing pixels. Our approach is informed by technical knowledge of not only the content management system upon which the design is applied but also the capability of modern browsers, usability standards and conversion best-practice.

We begin with extensive research and wireframes to ensure the website will accomplish its objective. We then apply the design and make sure it doesn’t get in the way of that objective. While we always create a pleasing aesthetic we assure that it doesn’t come at the cost of usability.


Quality web  development means being thorough– from executing the vision of the designer to accounting for graceful degradation of outdated browsers. We mind subtle details which allow successful production of websites and apps that are optimized for the best user experience on screens of all sizes including; desktop, tablet, and every mobile device available.

Our work is also created to conform to the requirements of search engines and the World Wide Web Consortium (within reason) as well as standards set forth by WordPress and Shopify. While we are always keeping an eye on best practice, simplicity and usability we also have a penchant for progression and strive to achieve that end in a responsible manner.

Small Business Websites

Your small business should not have a small online presence.  Let us design and develop a site that will not only bring in customers, but encourage long term relationships with them.

Corporate Websites

What does your current site say about your corporation?  We will put together a site that will relay your brand, strategy and continue the reputation that your corporation has earned.

E Commerce Websites

If you have a handful of products or an entire catalog we can handle your needs.  Our E  platform is built to be customized, scalable and meets all of today’s security requirements.

Investor Relations Websites

As important as your customers, are your current and potential investors.  We will deliver a site that meets all of the standards for IR Sites within a platform that you will be proud to show off.



The most critical part, we will have a series of meetings to determine your needs and how to implement them into your website.


We may go quiet for a bit, as our team does what we do during this phase to deliver on your demands.


After a few more meetings confirming all is perfect, the power switch goes flips on.  Do not worry, this is by no means the last step.


Another round of meetings to train your staff on how to keep things current, and handle any issues that we may have missed.

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